A lot of people are using the regular cell phone jammers to help them, yes this is really helpful and people can use them to gain the peaceful condition such as without the noises of the 2g 3g mobile phones and also prevent the tracking of the mobile phone signal tracking devices and so on. And as now for a lot of people they have the need to cut off the signals of the 4G lte cell phone signals at the same time so that now the 2G 3G 4G GSM PCS signal jammer can also be gained from the online shop and just here in this passage you will gain the chance to have a look at such kind of device.

Just here this “Portable 4G LTE Signal Blocker - High Power Handheld GSM800 PCS1900 3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer - US” that you are viewing here is just designed with such kind of ability and you will be attracted by it after have a better understanding of it and gain the overall information.

This multiple bands cell phone jammer blocker transmits on four primary frequencies, it can block 2g gsm pcs 3g wcdma 4g lte signals. If you turn on the signal blocker, it will be protecting your privacy and ensure that you are not under the surveillance of 2g 3g 4g signals.

This best cell phone jammer is a compact size that can be carried in your pockets, purses, bags or any containable range. The output power is 2W, and the jamming range reaches to above 10 meters. Full charged time within 3 hours for 2000ma/h battery which can last working about 90 minutes. Connect with the car charger and AC charger, it works constantly and continuously.

Due to the pocket-size, it’s easy to create a silent zone anywhere. It is safe to use in schools, banks, cinemas, meeting rooms, warehouses, hospitals and libraries, etc. It must be your tremendous choice. Please do not hesitate, take actions.

If you are looking for a powerful device to jamming the cell phone signals in the place like the exam rooms, churches, temples, gas stations or any place you need to be quiet. Just go ahead, pick it up to your cart, you will love the high power one!

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