A trend of using mobile phone jammer in public is popular in Australia USA UK,cell phone jammers are very helpful now !

Recent reports in the press have related anecdotes of people using cell phone jammer kit in Australia UK USA to prevent others from making mobile phone calls while on buses or in other public spaces.

While at first glance, it may seem desirable to enforce a no-mobile zone on the train, bus, or in schools, cinemas or restaurants, there are several very good reasons why this is both anti-social and downright dangerous. Mobile jammers are prohibited for very good reasons.

Take the example of someone using a mobile jammer on a bus. First, they will prevent other passengers from making and receiving calls. While this may make for a quieter ride it will also inconvenience and annoy other people who have paid to enjoy a legitimate mobile phone service.

Other passengers on the bus may not want to make calls but may be trying to send a text message or email or simply browse the internet. A mobile phone signal jammer will also interfere with these communications.

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