Do you know what is cell phone jammer ?

Maybe it is strange to you, but it is near you !

Have you ever been in the situation or place where you find that your cell phone has no signal? If so, you might have been in the region where cell phone jammers were activated to successfully jam phone signals in that certain area. Cell phone jammers are devices used to prevent cell phone reception from the base station. If a cell phone jammer is applied in some place, all the cell phones in that certain area cannot work normally.

Now, maybe you have know less about cell phone signal jammer devices !

Generally, the cell phone jammers were applied in places where cell phones are not expected. In some public places such as cinema, library, theatre, churches, people are tired of the sudden rings of the cell phone. In some particular places such as hospitals and gas stations, people are worried about the potential risks of using cell phones.The cell phone jammers are used in our daily life widely !

There are all kind of cell phone jammer devices, such as portable cell phone jammer, it build in the internal battery, so you can take it to anywhere at anytime; such as high power cell phone jammer, it need to connect the DC power, but it has a great jamming range, from 10-200 meters; such as hidden cell phone jammer, you do not know it is a cell phone jammer because it has not the antennas, it just like a common device.

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