Today, cars are more and more convenient to us,  and cars are not so expensive also, for most people, they can afford to buy the cars now, and as everybody want to have a good, safety and also peaceful driving condition, then gain the good driving condition is really of great importance. And that is why here in this passage the mini GPS signal jammer that is suitable for car using will be introduced to you here.

If you have car, you must buy this mini GPS signal jammer ! Yes, that is correct ! Since now more and more people drive the car to work, go home and out for business, travel and so on, it is also important and necessary to protect the privacy as well so that not being tracked by people in order to avoid people who have the bad aiming that use the GPS trackers to know the car owners routine using the car, then if we have a GPS tracker signal jammer blocker, that  is really important and here this “Portable Vehicle Car Anti Tracker Mini GPS Jammer Blocker For Sale”, which is cheap and useful can just meet up with people’s needs.

What does the function of a Portable Vehicle Car Anti Tracker Mini GPS Jammer Blocker For Sale ? If you’re the victim of undercover GPS tracking, you could think about this one. It can be used to block navigation, tracking, logging systems and so that you’re perfectly invisible.

The GPS jammer is a small and light device which can be easily to carry and use.Just plug into a standard lighter with 12V for power. The super compact and delicate design can fully disable GPS signal to prevent from being tracked automatically within your vehicle. The frequency is 1570-1580MHz and the typical coverage is 2 to 10 meters. The antenna interface is Omni SMA Antenna, it provides about 3dB gain to overcome the losses from the resistive attenuation pad.

More ever, the GPS jammer doesn’t interrupt any other electronic device except the GPS. If you want to a portable car GPS blocker, this mini jammer is just for you.

And if you are trapped in such kind of condition and want to obtain such kind of mini car GPS jammer, then you can just come here and get the best mini GPS jammer with best price. All the gps signal jammers using 100% original chip set, so they have better quality and jamming capacity, and they must meet your demand completely.