Have you ever been in a situation or visited a place where you are informed that your mobile telephone signal is disabled or even the Bluetooth waves are not accessible? If yes, you might be in the area where the cell phone jammer is activated to jam telephone waves in that specific occasion.

In the beginning, cell phone jammer was placed in the stores to avoid disturbing from unneeded telephone calls and to stop persons from talking over their cell phones at public locations. Due to some people who are glued to their mobile phones and constantly use it speaking loudly, causing disturbance problems, the usage of cell phone jammer has been increased in public places.
Today, cell phone jammer is needed in plenty of places and scenes including devout organizations, libraries, theatres, huge offices etc.

However, cell phone jammer also has its disadvantages, when some people began using this technology for illegal purposes like burglary or gunman activity. This cell phone jammer is used during their delinquent actions so that the folks in the region are not able to communicate or call police for help.

That is why, cell phone jammer was forbidden in many parts of the countries since these were preventing the telephone signals from producing contacts. Because of the cell phone jammer, some important phone calls to doctors, police or fire brigade were jammed. After all, in such a communicative society, things are changing every second. Contacts are so frequent that you don't know what you have missed if you turn off your phone for an hour. cell phone jammer, to some extent, is an obstacle of communication. Nevertheless, some other places of the region grant authorization to own cell phone jammer but usage in public places must be made with previous authorization from the government.

The important places where cell phone jammer is lawfully placed are public shops and detention centers. Due to protection purpose, they are exclusively used in such locations to jam telephone signals causing some problems.

So, if you decided to buy it for your personal usage then there is information you need to know first. high-power cell phone jammers are available at diversity of range and size. Some mobile cell phone jammers are handheld while others are as large as a room. Every of the diversity has specific range of blocking signals with various price tag.