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More and More People Purchase Mobile Phone Jammers Now

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 10:39:55 AM Asia/Shanghai

In current market, the sorts of cell phone jammer are dazzling, which maket it to be more difficult to choose an suitable cell phone jammer, because different cell phone jammers are designed for different purposes.

It is very significant to get some knowledge of cell phone jammer before you decide to purchase one. The working frequencies of the common cell phone jammer in the current market are 869~894MHz;825~960MHz;1805~1880MHz and 1900~1990MHz. And the service frequency channels are CDMA800、GSM900、DCS1800、PCS1900、WCDMA and so on.

It would be wise to choose cell phone jammer according to your needs that which frequency should be shielded. The working range of jammer is related to the magnetic field intensity and the distance from the Telegraph Station. Generally 200 meters away is the optimal effect. The manufacturers test cell phone jammers in a general case, so the shielding range will be a little different.

It is very easy to operate cell phone jammer, after the antenna is installed correctly and connect the power supply, cell phone jammer will run automatically. If the cell phone jammer is used to shield signals within small range, a low power jammer is enough to achieve the effect. According to relevant survey, more people prefer to purchase portable cell phone jammer due to its better portability.

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