We can decide the jamming frequency bands of mobile phones? Yes, that is true, portable selectable 3G 4G cell phone jammer will help you!

Do you think it is possible for you to decide the jamming frequency bands of the mobile phones now? In fact that is not a dream now and such kind of goal has already been achieved now. if you have the need to obtain such kind of handheld selectable signal jammers then you can just come here www.jammerfun.com and know more and just here in this passage you will know that what can the handheld selectable 3G 4G cell phone jammer do to help you.

Then just have a look at the details of this “Portable Cellphone Jammer for 4G lte 3G GSM DCS CDMA PCS and WiFi” and you will know this hand held signal jammer device, besides jamming the 2G GSM CDMA DCS PCS signals at the same time, it also owns the ability to block WIFI 3G 4G LTE signals as well. This is really the most perfect and powerful jamming device by now. Besides which frequency band you want to choose is depend on yourself, if you do not want to block one or two frequency bands you can just close them, keep others open.

And at the same time the cell phone jammer can still work as well to jamming other frequency bands signals. And depending on the cell phone signal length, the jamming range can reach 15 meters Max.What wonderful functions it owns!

Another big merit of this portable cell phone jammer you should pay attention is that with a car charger it can be used in the car which give you more convenience.

Portable Cellphone Jammer for 4G lte 3G GSM DCS CDMA PCS and Wifi Signal for Sale Free Shipping Worldwide.

Besides it owns cooling fan, so the working temperature of it won’t be high. If so no matter in hot summer and cold winter it can works as well. In a word, this is really a perfect cell phone jammer no matter seen from the function, the price and the quality.

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Via using this handheld selectable 3G 4G signal jammer, people can soon away from the tracking of the mobile phone signal tracking devices and also the noises of the mobile phones as well, apart from this handheld selectable cell phone jammer, a lot of other styles handheld multi-purpose signal jammers are also for sale here and if having the need then you can just come here to see the details and pick up one then.