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This RF jammer is a high-powered four-in-one jammer for remote controls of new design. And with this unit, you can block the signals of all remote control frequency bands. This is an up-to-date three-in-one remote control jammer, which permits you to jam all remote controls within 20 meters diapason in open area.

And what is different from many other common Radio Frequency jammers is that this remote control jammer is a high-powered three-in-one remote control jammer blocks established frequency band points, including 868MHz/433MHz/315MHz. And the established blocking principle produces powerful output energy. Besides once switching of this jammer, all remote controls will end operating within twenty meters in open area. What’s more, it owns rechargeable accumulator made from lithium and joined by 4 pieces mobile phone accumulator cores. And when it is full charged it can work continuously for 1-2 hours.

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