We all know that for the office the areas are usually very large and also ensure the safety quite condition and not letting the important information being given out via people who are using the advanced devices such as the mobile phones to send messages and so on are not allowed and should be prohibited as well. And in fact just use the cell phone jammer can just block the cell phone signals and make it loose the function to make phone calls and also send message as well and if you have the need then you can just come here jammerfun (http://jammerfun.com )and obtain more useful information here.

Since the area of the office are huge so that gain the cell phone signal jamming devices that designed with powerful jamming ability is really in need and that is also the high power cell phone signal jammers that designed to be used in places as the office are designed with large jamming distance as well and if you have the need to see the real example and then help you to make the best choice and select one with the best quality then you can just come here and read the following content of this passage then you will gain the chance to have a look at the example of the 18W high power mobile phone jammer.

Then just have a look at the name of the example that being introduced here soon you will know that the full name is “Latest 18W 8 Antennas High Power 4G 3G Wifi GPS Jamming Device - Best Cell Phone Jammer System For Sale” and just seen from the title we can see that this high power 3G 4G wifi gps cell phone jammer that being introduced here is powerful of course and then you can just seize the chance and have a look at more details then.

Here the signal jammer that you are viewing is Latest 18W 8 Antennas High Power 4G 3G Wifi GPS Jamming Device - Best Cell Phone Jammer System For Sale, which is the new 8 bands Jammer, and have good jamming effect for all mobile phone 2G,3G,4G signal and WIFI,GPS bands. And because of having used the stronger and longer External Omni-directional antennas, all the TX frequency covered down link only, and latest design and Good cooling system with cooling fan inside, so with 18W high output power the jamming distance of this high power 3G 4G LTE 4G WIMAX WiFi jammer is up to 40 meters at most.

And since designed with the 12V car charger, this mobile phone GPS WiFi jammer can be easily use in the car even it is the desktop style jammer.

And because of the good function and working condition for places such as the meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, bus and more this 3G 4G GPS WiFi signal blocker can be widely used. Moreover what make you surprise is that you can select any 8 bands for your require and ODM and OEM orders are welcome.