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Can you ship to my country?

"I Live In [......] - Can I Order From Jammerfun?"

Yes, we deliver to every country.

  • Jammerfun delivers to every country (except within Mainland China - we are export only). Different shipping methods are available for different countries.
  • To see the shipping prices for any country, add items to your shopping cart, and change the shipping address. You will see the shipping prices for that country.
  • When you order we will provide any necessary advice and assistance about importing to your country.
  • In some countries, importing bigger quantities of goods is restricted for private individuals and businesses. It's your responsibility to comply with your country's laws. Please check with your local Customs or local government website to see if importing requires any special licence in your country.
  • If you are located in one country, and want to ship to another country, this is also OK - this is "international dropshipping".
  • When shipping to some countries, we can accept bank transfer payment only , due to fraud prevention.