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Policy On Fair Use Of Jammerfun Website Materials

Can I use your pictures or descriptions on my website for Affiliate linking?

Can I borrow / copy your website pages for my reselling or drop-shipping electronics business?

Can I make a brochure out of your website contents for my offline marketing needs?

In general Jammerfun is open about sharing product pictures and descriptions, because we want to help out drop-shippers and Ebay sellers in their online listings.

Please don't blatantly copy the whole of any Jammerfun web page or design your web pages to imitate the appearance of Jammerfun.com

Please read the following further 'small print' notes on copying / use of content from Jammerfun.com :


  • You may use product pictures and product descriptions from Jammerfun freely, provided they are used appropriately in the context of your reselling or Affiliate activities.
  • You may use or adapt Jammerfun publicity brochures and recommended product lists provided the use is appropriate.
  • You are welcome to quote from our China Business News blog provided you link stories back to us (or clearly refer to the website source, in the case of printed materials).
  • You are welcome to quote from our Jammerfun Newsletter provided you link back to us.
  • Please don't copy or adapt customer testimonials or product reviews.
  • Please don't copy or adapt Jammerfun Knowledgebase articles.
  • All material on Jammerfun.com is Copyright and we reserve the right to change our policy at a later date.

The above notes apply to online and offline material.

If you feel you can give us suggestions to improve the product descriptions (an ongoing task as we are always adding new products which start off with no English description at all!), we are always grateful to hear your feedback!

Likewise, we are grateful if you have improved product photographs and are willing to share them (in lower resolution formats) with Jammerfun and our other members.