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Will this product work in my country?

"Will this product work in my country?"

Almost all Jammerfun products will work in all countries. Check the table below for some common issues.

Product Feature Notes
General usage General products will work anywhere.

All products with menus are shipped with English menu set by default. See product descriptions for what other language menus are available.

All products are shipped with English manuals.
NTSC / PAL / SECAM video region Every video sensor receives and relays video signals in a format such as NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.

This can be an issue when the video device signal does not match the receiver device signal. This could be the case in any wired or wireless security camera, spy camera, baby monitor, car reversing camera, car video system, or standalone video monitor.

It can also be a problem when Analog TV signals in your country do not match the receiver formats on your TV device.

you can also ask our Customer Support staff for advice about particular products or combinations of products.
Electrical Socket Type / Voltage Half the world uses 230/240V electricity, and the other half uses 110V

Thankfully, all Jammerfun products using chargers or adapters are compatible with both 230/240V and 110V unless indicated otherwise.

Every country seems to have its own weird configuration of mains electrical socket types.

All Jammerfun products in stock in our warehouse are by default in EU plug type format. Orders sent with other plug type choices will be given a travel plug adapter per plug for no additional charge.

In order sizes over 50pcs of any item, we will attempt to obtain new stock from the factory to ensure the adapter type matches your chosen plug type without the need for plug travel adapters.